Aneesh Bond Profile Picture

A business consultant by profession and an entrepreneur by heart, helping small businesses to scale up and large businesses to thrive.

I use digital solutions to optimise business models, specialising in revenue increment through personalised and targeted strategies for communication and sales. I believe in fostering long-term relationships through shared success, having an open and genuine discussion and maintaining frequent communication.

With over 18+ years of ever-growing experience in coding, project management, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship, I have helped large organisations streamline their process as well as upscale garage startups.

Long story short I have evolved and progressed with each of the work environments and in return successfully increased and optimized processes, sales and the overall framework of these organisations.

I merge my hemispheres of expertise in business, tech and entrepreneurial skills to foster your business needs and goals

I –

  • Gather an intrinsic prerequisite of your business needs.
  • Research and analyse to find an optimal solution for a specific scale.
  • Communicate my evaluation and process for your business. 
  • Review the model based on your feedback and make necessary alterations to the campaign. 
  • Implement the strategies to produce results.

If you need a pioneered experience that transforms your business and revenue, you need me